A safe feeling, everywhere.


Notify 24/7, with one push of a button

A sense of security is important for everyone. In this, Amicimi wants to help with the Amicimi alarm button. Whether you are walking down the street alone, or on your way home, you can notify your buddies and/or Securitas in case of an emergency with just the push of a button. Always feel safe and secure!

24/7 hulp

In nood of voel je je bedreigd? Een druk op de knop en je contacten en/of de Securitas alarmcentrale worden ingelicht. Zo heb je steeds hulp bij de hand.

Duurzame batterij

De batterij van de Amicimi alarmknop gaat makkelijk twee jaar mee. Weer een zorg minder.

Handige app

De alarmknop wordt verwerkt in de handige Amicimi app die op elke smartphone kan geïnstalleerd worden. Jouw telefoon als extra veiligheid.

The Amicimi app

The Amicimi alarm button is linked to the app of the same name. It can be installed on iOS or Android smartphones. The Amicimi app only needs an internet connection to send notifications to your buddies and/or Securitas.

Follow me

In the FollowMe smart alarm, you can choose and set a number of common situations yourself.

Want to feel safer on the road? With the FollowMe alarm, you can keep your buddies informed about your destination and travel time. Enter your destination and means of transport and FollowMe will automatically calculate your travel time. Once on site, a text message informs your buddies about your safe arrival. If things do not go according to plan, FollowMe sounds the alarm.

Share your starting and finishing point with your buddies and let them follow you. On departure and arrival, FollowMe automatically sends a message. Your buddies know exactly where you are. If things do not go according to plan, FollowMe sounds the alarm.

Not comfortable in your current location? Check in and decide how long you want to stay on site. If you don’t leave in time, FollowMe will notify your buddies and Amicimi will share your location with them.

Don’t feel completely safe in a certain situation? Set up your FollowMe and receive a fake call after a certain amount of time. The perfect excuse to politely distance yourself in an unfamiliar situation.

Een abonnement op jouw maat

A subscription tailored to your needs

Thanks to the Amicimi app, you can set who gets notified when you activate the alarm button. These ‘buddies’ are then alerted as soon as you activate the alarm, allowing them to come to your rescue. You can also opt for a Plus subscription, which immediately alerts Securitas when you press the alarm button. This also allows this security institution to check whether you are in an unsafe situation, and whether they should send emergency services to your location.

Personal support

Our service desk is ready to answer your questions and make sure your Amicimi experience is perfect.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still upgrade to a Plus subscription after my purchase?

Not a problem. Please contact our support service to do so.

What should I do if the battery of the Amicimi button is (almost) empty?

You can exchange a (nearly) used up alarm button for a new one by sending it to us, stating your subscription or contact details. You will need to link this alarm button in the Amicimi app as a replacement. While you wait for your new alarm button, you can continue to use the alarm in the app.

Another question?

Having other problems with your Amicimi subscription, alarm button or the Amicimi app? Could you use further help with technical issues? Contact us so we can help you further.

Danny M.

healthcare professional

On intervention, I always carry Amicimi on my uniform, belt or vest.

Rob D.

security sector

Already used Amicimi twice in emergency situations.

Katja V.

healthcare professional

I use Amicimi during home visits, but also when I am out and about by bike.