Your Amicimi account was set up. What now?

1. Check your e-mail

You received an e-mail from us containing your unique activation code.

With this activation code, you can sign in to the Amicimi app. Keep it safe, this code is unique & meant only for you.

2. Download the Amicimi app

You can find the app in Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

3. Activate your account

Launch the Amicimi app, enter your activation code & follow the steps to set up your Amicimi account correctly.

Send a test alarm

At the end of setting up your account, you get the chance to send a test alert. This alarm shows you how the app works and what you & your contacts get to see.


Your Amicimi app is now ready for use. Are you in distress? Do you feel threatened? Open the app and start an alarm. Your contacts will be notified immediately.