Amicimi, the discrete alarm button for every emergency situation

Safety, anytime and anywhere.

Simply and quickly sound the alarm

The Amicimi alarm button accurately and quickly alerts the right people to provide assistance.

Safe and discrete

The Amicimi alarm button ensures safety, anytime and anywhere. Alert your buddies or Securitas when you are in an unsafe situation. Thanks to the discrete and sleek design, the Amicimi alarm button fits in perfectly as a key chain.

Quick and simple

The Amicimi alarm button is very easy to use, press the button for a couple of seconds and your buddies or Securitas will be notified of your emergency situation. In this way, aid will soon be present.

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Real-time follow-up

The Amicimi app is connected to your alarm button, allowing you to sound the alarm quickly and discretely. In this way Amicimi shares your exact location, together with a sound recording, with your buddies or Securitas. All the app needs for this is an internet connection.

FollowMe smart alarm

The FollowMe smart alarm walks with you and automatically sounds the alarm when things don't go according to plan. Your buddies or Securitas will be contacted if you stay too long somewhere or don't arrive on time.

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15.782 alarms safely handled

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I often visit patients in neighbourhouds I don't know very well and where I feel less safe. When I'm out on an evening house call, I also sometimes don't feel comfortable. Amicimi offers the perfect solution. When necessary, I can quickly press the alarm button to let others know I feel unsafe. This way, I can get on the road with a sense of security.

Frank, GP in Bruges

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