Cookie policy

1. General

The Amicimi website uses cookies to, among other things, facilitate and improve the functioning of this website for its visitors.

A cookie is a small text file that, during a visit to a website, is stored on the computer or other device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) that the visitor uses to consult a website. A cookie is designed to make the use of a website work optimally, for example by saving login details, setting language preferences and so on.

How long a cookie is tracked varies from cookie to cookie. There are two types of cookies. Temporary cookies or session cookies are those that are temporary in nature and are deleted as soon as the visitor closes the browser. Permanent cookies or persistent cookies are those cookies that remain stored on the visitor’s device until their retention period is exceeded or until the visitor actively deletes these cookies from their device themselves.

More information on the different types of cookies can be found at:

3. What cookies do we use on the Amicimi website?

Punfyre BV, the operator of the website, uses three types of cookies:

  • essential cookies;

  • functional cookies;

  • analytical cookies.

Below is a list of the cookies used on Punfyre BV’s Amicimi website.

4. Essential cookies

Punfyre BV uses essential cookies to manage the content of its website. This type of cookie ensures that the website works properly. Given the technical necessity, these cookies are set as soon as the visitor enters the website. This does not require the website visitor’s consent and is only subject to a duty of information.

5. Functional cookies

Punfyre BV also uses functional cookies to make the website function properly. This type of cookie enhances and customises visitors’ user experience by displaying relevant information based on their previous choices or browser data. These cookies make using the website easier, but if the visitor does not accept this category of cookies, the website will continue to work. These cookies are set only after a choice has been made as to which cookies the user allows.

6. Analytical cookies

Punfyre BV additionally uses “Google Analytics” for analytical purposes. This analysis tool places cookies – from third parties – that Punfyre BV uses to measure website visits and visitor behaviour in an anonymous way. Punfyre only uses this information to improve website content, as an insert for a new campaign or to improve user experience. The use of cookies for analytical purposes requires prior consent of the visitor. These cookies are set only after a choice has been made as to which cookies the user allows.

For the cookies placed by third parties, such as Google Analytics, Punfyre BV would like to refer visitors to the statements made by these parties on their respective websites about them. Punfyre BV cannot exert any influence on the content of those statements, nor on the content of the cookies of these third parties.

If the visitor to the Amicimi website wants to know which cookies have been placed on their device or if the visitor wants to delete these cookies, the visitor can use a setting in their browser to do so.

Through the following links, visitors will find more explanations on how to delete cookies on their device: