How does FollowMe work?

FollowMe comes preloaded with a couple situations. Go to the app and choose one. We are sure you will love this. Test and apply as much as you want. FollowMe learns from your use so the more you use it the easier it gets. Read all about it here.

Notify my buddies when I arrived safely

Going out? Your buddies want to know whether you're home safely? A few clicks on departure and ready. Select your destination and transportation. FollowMe calculates your journey and even sends an SMS to your buddies. Journey not going according to plan, then FollowMe will be alerted.

Walk with me from A to B

Never travel alone. Share your start and end with your buddies and ask them to follow you. On departure and arrival FollowMe automatically sends a message. Your buddies know exactly where you are. Expires not according to plan, then turn FollowMe alarm.

Call to check if I'm still safe

Hey! I'm here! Check in and decide how long you stay on the spot. If you don't leave the place on time, then FollowMe notifies your buddies and shares your location.

Call me in a few minutes

Blind date? Imagine FollowMe and receive a fake call after a certain time. Your perfect excuse or control in an unfamiliar situation.


  • FollowMe can follow you and will use this info to increase your security or to inform your buddies. Your location is not unnecessarily shared.

  • If you come into a difficult situation, the alarm mode is automatically activated.

  • Everything runs according to plan? Then FollowMe switches off automatically and will your buddies not be disturbed.

  • FollowMe thinks with you and makes smart suggestions to increase your safety.

  • Safe at home? No hassle with text messages. FollowMe recognizes your endpoint and automatically notifies your buddies.

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