Amicimi app is a unique smartphone application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that lets you quickly and easily initiate an alarm and indicate that you are in need of help. You can find the app in the respective stores. Installation is a breeze.

Main screen

The main screen is a clean and uncluttered design. You can sound the alarm by holding your finger 2 seconds on the circle. An alarm goes off to your buddies, and for the Amicimi+ users also to Securitas alarm center. Via the left menu bar above you can adjust your settings. Bottom of the screen always shows the battery level of your alarm button. You can quickly and easily set FollowMe that you leaving from here.


The menu bar is on the top left of the main screen. Here you will find the menu where you can set up your Amicimi. Include your personal medical information and possibly photos. Under contacts you add the people who you want notified in case of an emergency. They will then receive information about your location and sound recordings.


FollowMe allows you to pick from different situations. You enter your plan and if you deviate from those plans, FollowMe automatically warns friends or even Securitas. Go to the main screen of the app and tap Amicimi FollowMe. Choose one of the four scenarios and fill in the missing data. Just before the activation you will have an easy overview.

More info about FollowMe