Help your friends & family feel safe
Give the gift of extra security.

Your Personal Safety Reinvented

Walking home after a night out, going for a long run or hike, working the night shift or making a house call to a stranger.
Ever feel a bit uncomfortable? It happens to all of us. Amicimi is here for you. With just the push of a button you can feel safer at home alone and on the go.
You can always count on alarming your friends or Securitas if needed.

Quick and Easy

  • Simple and quick alarm
  • Smart tracking system with alarm
  • Help in your own language


  • Reliable system that works every time and everywhere
  • Recording starts when you push the button allowing Emergency services to listen live
  • Medical data is transmitted immediately


  • Durable
  • Trendy
  • Smart tracking system with alarm
  • On weekends I babysit. It is not far away and I come with my bike home, even late into the night. My mom is always worried and wants to know where I am and when I come home. Luckily I have FollowMe. Its so easy. Honestly! I bike home without stress knowing my mom can follow me.

    Emma, 16 years

    FollowMe user from Bruges

  • I often late at night shuttling between two stations which can be dark and empty. With my Amicimi button on my key chain I know I can count on help. My boyfriend is a fan as well as he feels more confident now when I'm alone.

    Julie, Student

    Amicimi+ user from Ghent

  • I often come from patients in a neighborhood that I do not know, work late or am called on during the weekend. I do not always feel 100% safe. Amicimi offers the perfect solution. I can act quickly with the alarm button but also use FollowMe. So everytime I leave my family behind and we both have less stress thanks to Amicimi.

    Frank, general practitioner

    Amicimi+ professional user from Mechelen

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